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RealTime provides research sties and site networks the tools they need to manage all aspects of their clinical trials with web-based software. All phases of study execution are easily managed with RealTime-CTMS, the ultimate clinical trial management system. Features include study feasibility and business development tracking, digital marketing and recruitment modules, scheduling and integrated TEXT messaging, financial accounting for billing, plus collections and payables to include RealTime-PAY, a reloadable patient stipend card system. Our latest feature, RealTime-eDOCS, allows investigative sites to go paperless with the first ever CTMS-Integrated eRegulatory system. What sets the RealTime system apart from others is how easy it integrates into the daily workload of site staff and enhances the effectiveness of their performance. The RealTime system is easy to learn, easy to use, and essential to running a successful research site. Let us provide you with a web-based demo today so you can see the difference for yourself! Our History: RealTime-CTMS was originally developed in 2005 by a leading clinical trial site based out of San Antonio, Texas. As the site grew, so did RealTime-CTMS. Today, that site has grown into one of the largest standalone multi-specialty Phase 1-4 research sites in the country. The popularity of RealTime-CTMS is growing rapidly as it is the only CTMS software developed by a site that is commercially available for sites. Our growth can easily be attributed to the number of CTMS users in the market that are not happy with their current system and looking to make a change.

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