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Leading Clinical Research Workforce Transformation

Research affects care. Without clinical research, we have standard of care. However, the clinical research landscape is complicated and increasingly burdensome to clinician scientists. To better handle the evolution of the research landscape, the role of the clinical research professional has become even more important; employing a top-notch clinical research workforce is critical. Our AMC prioritized the role of the workforce by using a competency-based framework, developed by the Joint Taskforce for Clinical Trial Competency (JTF), for many related initiatives: to 1) overhaul job classifications, 2) create advancement through a tiering process, 3) establish a professionals network, 4) align competencies with on-boarding and training, 5) create pipelines for clinical research positions, 6) centralize a hiring service, – all an institution-wide workforce strategic initiative called Workforce Engagement & Resilience (WE-R).


  • Deborah Hannah, MT(ASCP), CCRC, Research Practice Manager, Duke University Medical Center

  • Denise Snyder, MS, RD, Associate Dean for Clinical Research, Duke University Medical Center